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"Best of the Bible Prophecies Fulfilled Blog" E-book Series

The "Getting Published" series
Exclusively on Kindle

These are my products to help you get published or further your writing career.

My "Getting Published" series are based on my "Help for Writers" pamphlets--revised and updated--as well as the workshops I've taught and other writing I've done.

Query Letters:
How to Write the Query (and Cover)
Letter You Dread to Magazine
Editors and Book Publishers

This e-book is based on my most popular pamphlet, "Conquering the Dreaded Query Letter." I'm working to get this e-book ready for its release to coincide with that workshop.

Three titles in the "Getting Published" series are now available:

Cutting the Passive Voice is getting great Amazon reviews so far! Check it out!

This e-book is a revised and updated version of my pamphlet, "The Basics for Beginners: How to Find Markets, Submit your Manuscripts, and Keep Track of it All," with additional information added from my "Writing for Publication" seminar. Includes three Bonus Articles.

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Exclusively on Amazon's Kindle. No Kindle? No Problem!

Use a different photo for every card

My Moo Mini Cards were a smash hit at the Colorado Christian Writer's Conference! Want some? Here's where I got them. Thank you for using this affiliate link.

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Deliver Me
Hope, Help, & Healing through True Stories
of Unplanned Pregnancy
Buy Deliver Me on Deeper Shopping:

Don't see it on www.ChristianBook.com? Please use the "Email Us" link
at the bottom of every page to request it from CBD.

  • Great resources for those in an unplanned pregnancy
  • Great resource for anyone with an unplanned pregnancy in their past--whether you kept your child, gave for adoption, or ended in abortion. Kind, compasionate true stories from women and men who have made these choices. Nonjudgemental. 
Deliver Me Book Reviews:

More Info

Connections Press, 2011

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Dear America
A Letter of Comfort & Hope to a Grieving Nation

          In Dear America, you'll get:
  • Ten practical tips to help you or a friend through grief 
  • The story of the Bible in five sentences 
  • Q & As about Christians and Christianity, Islam and Muslims, and more...
  • Ten tips to start reading and understanding the Bible

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