Saturday, April 12, 2014

What Causes the Moon to Turn Red Like Blood?

In the natural world, meaning in nature, there are only three things than can cause the moon to appear red. Some societies in human history have called these a "blood moon."

While God is able to supernaturally cause anything He wants to happen, He most often uses the natural way of the creation which He created to do what He has in mind to do.

Knowing that, it's perfectly logical to believe that the coming natural phenomena of the four lunar eclipses which will cause the moon to appear red while naturally occurring could, at the same time, be spiritually significant. In other words, just because these eclipses are happening naturally and not supernaturally doesn't mean they are not spiritually or prophetically significant.

The moon and its orbit, as well as all the galaxy, was pre-arranged by God. And He knew from the beginning of creation that there would be a lunar eclipse on April 15, 2014.

In the natural realm, with no supernatural intervention, what can cause the moon to appear red?
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There are three things:
  • when it is low in the sky, because of the effect of the earth's atmosphere;
  • when there is smoke from a forest fire, ash from a volcano, or other debris in the air;
  • and during a lunar eclipse, again because of the effect of the earth's atmosphere.
The first of the coming four lunar eclipses occurs next Tuesday, April 15th, on the first Feast of the LORD which is Passover. (Tweet that!)

Will you be watching the skies next Tuesday night? I will. What if it's cloudy? My bet is it won't be. Why would God hang a "sign" in the sky and then cover it with clouds so we couldn't see it? (Tweet that!)

I'll be watching. I hope you will too.

This article, "Lunar eclipse could doom NASA's LADEE moon orbiter"  from CBSNews has information about the time we can see the lunar eclipse in the Western Hemisphere, including the United States.

Be awed. Be amazed at what God is doing this Passover night! (Tweet that!)

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Special Note:

In anticipation of the first of the four lunar eclipses occurring next week, we're covering some prophecies concerning red moons and other information important to understanding their significance. (Tweet that!) Here is the schedule of these posts. Please invite your friends or your entire church to join us:


  1. Now how cool is that? What are the science/Christians (Christian scientists NOT Scientologists) saying about these things. Do you know?

    1. Now how cool is that?What are the science/Christians (NOT Sciencetologists) saying about these things. Do you know?

  2. I think the scientists just see them as lunar eclipses, Marie. Don't know that the Christians see them as anything... unless they are paying attention. For those who are keyed in to God and are seeking Him, He's getting the word/information to them. What do you think?