Thursday, November 20, 2014

Pastor John Hagee Shares 900-Year-Old Extra-Biblical Prophecy Predicting Messiah Will Come in 2017

Pastor John Hagee
You may know Pastor John Hagee as the popular preacher on TV - one of the few pastors actually teaching about and talking about the End Times.  

You may know him as the author of the book Four Blood Moons: Something Is About to Change. 

You many know him as the founder of Christians United for Israel.

In any case, I was catching up on watching some of his church services I had recorded and one of them caught my attention with something I really wanted to share with you. So I took the time to transcribe a portion of what he said.

This aired on Daystar (I get it on channel 369 on DirectTV) on October 26, 2014. It is the portion of the hour-long show that starts at approximately minute 39. 

Quoting Pastor Hagee:

A prophetic statement by Rabbi Ben Samuel. He lived in the twelfth century.  That's nine hundred years ago. Rabbi Ben Samuel was called the light of Israel. He wrote his prophecy for the future on paper and told his followers not to open it until after he had died. Rabbi Ben Samuel wrote down these three facts 900 years ago: 
1.) God has divided time into modules of 50 years. Now that's a Jubilee. That's the fulfillment of the Jubilee Year. And He has said that Israel will be invaded by the Ottoman Empire in the future and the Ottoman Empire is going to rule for eight Jubilees. 
So 8 x 50 is 400.

From the day in 1517 when the Ottoman Empire invaded until 1917, 400 years, to the day, when General Allenby rode into Jerusalem and conquered Jerusalem without firing a shot.

His prophecy came true to the day and hour. 
2.) Secondly Rabbi Ben Samuel wrote, Israel will become a no-man's land for one Jubilee, meaning 50 years. So from 1917 until 1967, talk about the no-man's land. There's no way he could have known this.

Because of the British mandate, the British ruled over the Jewish people. While it was the Jewish land, the Jewish people had no right of self-determination. They could live there, but the British told them what they could and could not do. And in fact most of the time [inaudible] against the Jewish people in their own land.

Then, he said that will last one fifty-year block. That brings us to 1967. What happened in 1967? The 6 Day War. Israel defeated 5 nations in 6 days. Israel, the land of Israel, was increased 400%.  Four times in one day. Jerusalem was reunited. The Jewish people for the first time in 1850 years could pray at the Western Wall. 
Then, listen to this, Rabbi Samuel said, within the next Jubilee, Messiah will come.

1967 and 50 is 2017. 
Now I’m not setting a date, and don’t you go out of here saying Pastor Hagee said Jesus is coming back in 2017. I’m telling you what someone who has been dead for 900 years wrote down. 

Now, of course, this is an "extra-Biblical" prophecy, meaning it comes from outside of the Bible, the Holy Spirit-inspired, inerrant Word of God. (Tweet that!) Therefore we can't give this prophecy as much weight as the prophecies given in the Bible, which must all come true. Nevertheless, I find it very interesting. (Tweet that!) Don't you? 

Tweet this!: #Prophecy given 900 years ago: Ottoman Empire would rule 8 Jubilees (8x50=400). Came true: 1517-1917 to the day. 

Tweet this!: #Prophecy said Israel would become a no-man's land for one Jubilee. Came true 1917-1967. 

Tweet this!: Final part of #prophecy: Messiah will come in the next #Jubilee: 1967 + 50 = 2017 


  1. I saw this same program on 07/01/15. I just turned on my t.v. and it was just at the same time John Hagee was about to start talking about Judah Ben Samuel. If I hadn't turned on my t.v. to this day I would have never heard of Judah Ben Samuel. If this Jubilee prophecy is true-do you think God was sharing it with me?

    1. Yes, Neo. I don't believe in coincidence. I believe God was speaking to you. Pay attention. Ask Him what He wants you to do with this information.

      Thank you for sharing. Your comment is a witness to God's work in each of us and, I'm sure, has encouraged many people.

      God bless you richly.

    2. notice he said " within the next jubilee" messiah will come.! the next jubilee started 9/23/2015 and will end 10/12/2016. its over 2.5 months till 2017 begins. so it could be before 2017.

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    1. Due to links in this comment as well as comments I cannot follow or understand, I have removed the comment for the protection of my readers.

  3. HI
    Some years ago Pastor Hagee did a sermon in his church on the 400 years of slavery in Egypt and the Jews and also did a time line to President Obamas election, does anyone know the title of that sermon as I would like to call John Hagee's ministries to find out if I can get the CD or DVd?

    1. Very interesting, Audre. I'd like to hear that one myself. No, I'm not familiar with it nor do I know the name of it, however the Hagee ministry should be able to tell you. I'd call them and ask.

  4. I Was
    reviewing this informático today Andorra someter saya this is a taylored prophecy

  5. Perdon mi. Telefono tiene traductor. En espa├▒ol

  6. ...and so, what happened?
    Another failed "prediction"!
    If only tge Bible gave us a clue about who knows the date and time of Jesus' return...then we would stop making ourselves the fools!!