Saturday, May 17, 2014

A Unique Glimpse: Tunnels Under the Temple Mount

Underground market in Jerusalem 
This week we've been talking about the nation of Israel in honor of her birthday on May 14.  In the May 13th post we remembered the rebirth of Israel on May 14, 1948, a miraculous, prophetic sign that is unique to this generation. (Tweet that!)

In my previous post we learned how to view the Western Wall of the Temple Mount live any time we want to tune in. (Tweet that!

It is incredible that today, through computers, laptops, tablets, and even smart phones, we can watch live in real time what is happening at the foot of the mount of the very Temple in Jerusalem we've read about in our Bibles!

Did you know there are tunnels beneath the Temple Mount? Through centuries levels of the city have been built upon each other, leaving tunnels underneath what we currently see above ground. 

Please note the photo with today's post is not necessary a tunnel beneath the Temple Mount, but it was the closest photo I could find to use. The photographer noted this is an underground market in Jerusalem.

Would you like to take a tour of some of the tunnels that run beneath the Temple Mount? (Tweet that!) Let's do that today. This video runs less than five minutes. It is a fascinating journey and glimpse of what Herod the Great built. (Tweet that!) In it we get to glimpse what is on the other side of the Western Wall we saw in the previous post. (Tweet that!)

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A tour inside the Western Wall tunnels.

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