Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Does what's going on with Russia and Ukraine have anything to do with Bible prophecy? - Part 1

Brown: Russia. Green: Ukraine. Black: Crimean Peninsula
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I'm sure you, like me, are watching the situation involving Russia and Ukraine and you're wondering what really is going on and if it has something to do with Bible prophecy. (Tweet that!)

Many of us see the conflict, but don't have any background information or understanding to know what it all means. I can't say I have any more understanding than the average American or Christians elsewhere. But I have tried to find information that might give us insight into what's happening in light of Bible prophecy. This week I'll share what I've found. I hope you'll find it as interesting and helpful as I have.

Briefly remembering what has happened, the conflict started in late February just after the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

According to the Wikipedia article, "2014 Crimean crisis," the conflict started "in the aftermath of the Ukrainian Revolution, which resulted in President Viktor Yanukovych's deposition by the Ukrainian parliament after his flight from the capital....

"Beginning on February 26, pro-Russian forces began to gradually take control of the Crimean peninsula. Many of them were widely believed to be Russian military personnel without insignia..."

I found the following video interview very interesting and insightful. Here, Gary Stearman, of Prophecy in the News, talks with Avi Lipkin, who has studied this area of the world most his life and shares wonderful information to teach us. This Part 1 video runs under 12 minutes. (Tweet that!)

In the next post, I'm preparing information about a prophecy in the Bible that has yet to be fulfilled which says Israel will be attacked by nations to its north. So please stop back by on Thursday.

Gary Stearman of Prophecy in the News interviews Avi Lipkin about Russia and Ukraine. 
Part 1 aired March 4, 2014.


  1. My husband and I did a mission trip to Ukraine in the early 2000's so I have had a real burden for the people of Ukraine. Praying for them every time I hear of something there. Trusting God for His will.

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  3. Very interesting discussion. I'm a big fan of Avi Lipkin & value his opinions also. This made me want to do more research on the Gog & Magog War! Thanks Dianne!

    1. I'm aware of Avi Lipkin and have perhaps heard him on occasion. I haven't really "followed" his teachings. Enough people bring him to my attention, though, that I'd better start paying attention to him! Guess I have some research of my own to do.