Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Anne Graham Lotz's "7 7 7:Urgent Call to Prayer" and The End of Human History As We Know It

I'm glad that in the June 24th post I mentioned that as we start this series on what Jesus said would be the signs of His coming in Matthew 24, we might take a break if something comes up that warrants it.

Already, something has come up that warrants a detour.

I just learned that Anne Graham Lotz's, the daughter of well-known evangelist Billy Graham, has stated that she believes "we are racing toward a dramatic conclusion to world events" and that God has impressed on her that "we are living at the end of human history as we know it."

I believe the same, and that is the reason I started this blog. I see so many people who seem oblivious to what is happening and even many who do not know the prophecies Jesus gave about what we would see at the end of human history as we now know it. (Tweet that!) My aim here is to teach people who do not know God's Word and prophecies and promises (Tweet that!), to encourage those who do know Him, and for those Christian who do know Him but don't believe we are seeing these things fulfilled before our very eyes (and there seem to be many of them!) to cause them to re-think their position. (Tweet that!)

That's why when a well-known Christian speaks out on their beliefs on the same things, it's pretty big news around here. (Tweet that!)

Here is a portion of the article "Billy Graham's Daughter Warns America: Judgment is Coming" posted June 29, 2014 (written by Mark Ellis, Senior Correspondent, Assist News Service):

Due to declining health of her husband, Dr. Dan Lotz, Anne has limited her speaking engagements and has been spending more time at their home in Montreat, North Carolina, caring for him. In December, 2012, Dr. Lotz was hospitalized and overcame a serious bout with a MRSA staph infection. 
"As a result, I have had time to be quiet and listen more to the whispers of the Spirit," she wrote in a letter dated June 20th to Pat Robertson. "He has revealed things to me in the stillness that I'm not sure I would have heard in my former busyness." 
Anne believes we are racing toward a dramatic conclusion to world events. "One of the things He has impressed on me is that we are living at the end of human history as we know it," she writes, based on her careful study of the Bible.

But Anne Graham Lotz hasn't just spoken out. She has called for seven days of prayer…starting today.  

She has formed a national prayer initiative called "7 7 7: An Urgent Call to Prayer." The call is to pray:
  • In the 7th month of July
  • On each of the first 7 days of July
  • And then pray and fast on July 7th for 7 hours of your choosing.

You can find the original message on Anne Graham Lotz's web site on her "Urgent Call to Prayer" page where she outlines her 7-7-7 prayer schedule, describes specific purposes for this call to prayer, and offers a sign-up to receive a daily prayer email for the first seven days of July 1-7. 

I plan to join this prayer effort. Will you join me?

Will you also please help this nationwide (and global) gathering for prayer go viral by sharing it via your own social networks and word of mouth? (Tweet info here!) Join me in bombarding heaven and the throne of the One True God on behalf of our nation and our world for our future. (Tweet that!)

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