Thursday, September 25, 2014

Today is the Feast of Trumpets

Today is the Feast of Trumpets. Actually, because the Jewish day begins in the evening of the previous day on the calendar used in the west, the Feast of Trumpets began yesterday at sundown.

The Feast of Trumpets is fascinating because this is the next prophetic date on God's calendar to be fulfilled. (Tweet that!)

Of the seven Feasts of the Lord, Jesus fulfilled the first four Feasts in his first coming. He will fulfill the last three in his second coming. That means Feast #5 is the next one to be fulfilled. (Tweet that!)

The fulfillment of the Feast of Trumpets will be followed closely by the fulfillment of the Day of Atonement and then the Feast of Tabernacles, when God comes to live among His people.

I believe the fulfillment of the Feast of Trumpets by the Lord Jesus Christ will come very soon. Perhaps not this year, but soon. Perhaps the tetrad of four lunar eclipses, which I believe are warning signals from God to the all people of the earth, must be completed first. Or perhaps they don't need to be completed first. Either way, that completion will occur on the seventh Feast in 2015. So we may yet have some time before the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. Or it may only be a year or two away. (Tweet that!)

However, whereas previous generations expected Jesus to return in the coming generation…or in their lifetimes…I believe we are now within a few years of his coming.

Time is growing dangerously short if you have not yet believed on the Lord Jesus Christ for your salvation. If this is you, why are you waiting? (Tweet that!) Why do you think you need to wait until the last moment? When that moment comes, it may come upon you so quickly you won't be able to respond fast enough. Don't be one who mourns at the coming of the Lord. Get right with Jesus today. I promise – no, actually HE promises! – you will then embark on the most exciting, fascinating days of your life from that moment on until the end of your life or until he comes again…which ever happens first! (Tweet that!)

Pray like this:
Lord Jesus, since your death on the cross paid for the sins of all people who will accept it, I now accept your atonement for my sins. I thank you for that. Now I ask you to teach me about you and your ways and to guide my life from here on out. Teach me how to live according to your ways. Show me what to do to follow you today. This I pray in Jesus' name, amen.

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