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When and Where to See the Next "Blood Moon" Total Lunar Eclipse
We, the people of the earth, are now living within the timeframe of a tetrad of lunar eclipses. (Tweet that!) A tetrad is four total lunar eclipses occurring without a partial lunar eclipse occurring in between them.

The first lunar eclipse occurred last spring of this year on April 15th, 2014.

The next lunar eclipse will occur in less than two weeks, in the early morning hours of Wednesday, October 8, 2014. (Now don't get confused or you might miss it. It's not the night of October 8. It's after you go to bed Tuesday October 7…after midnight, very early October 8.) (Tweet that!

If you've been reading this blog for a while you know I'm fascinated by these eclipses because they are falling on Jewish holy days. We talked a lot about that last spring before the first eclipse. But I know some people are just now becoming aware of the eclipses, often called the "Blood Moons" because the moon turns red when it is in eclipse.

If you're not familiar with what's going on, in short there are 7 Feasts of the LORD each year. These were established by God in the time of Moses. The first is Passover in the spring and the seventh is the Feast of Tabernacles in the fall of the year. In 2014 and 2015 there will be a total lunar eclipse on both Passover and the Feast of Tabernacles.

Many Christians believe this is spiritually significant, that God is getting the attention of the people of the earth because something important is happening or is about to happen. (Tweet that!

If you haven't been aware of this, please take the time to read about the spiritual significance of these happenings in these related articles: (Tweet that!

So as the lunar eclipse of October 8 approaches, we're going to spend our posts here talking about it, getting excited about it, and letting people around us know about it. (Tweet that!

I'm sure you're wondering, "Will I be able to see the eclipse? And if I can, when and where will I see it?" (Tweet that!

I found this great web site called When I visited, it already knew where I live. (Not sure I like that, but it must have found that information somewhere, so anyway…) This site gave me the exact hours I will be able to see the eclipse where I live here in the United States, of course depending on having clear skies. If it doesn't come up with your location, there's a box where you can enter the name of your city or a location near you.

This site also had a map that shows who in the world will be able to see the eclipse, how much of it they can see, and other great information.

In general, you will be able to see all or most of the eclipse if you are in eastern Europe, most of Asia, Australia, much of North and South America, the Arctic, Antarctica, and the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans.

If you are in the Middle East, much of Europe, or Africa, you won't be able to see it live. But I bet someone online, perhaps space or astronomy sites, will be streaming it live so you can view it that way.

Remember, if you wait until the night of Wednesday, October 8, you'll miss it. You'll have to get up very early October 8, or stay up very late Tuesday, October 7 – basically pulling an all-nighter -- to see it. Or getting a partial night's sleep. I hope you'll make plans to do just that. Even on a school or work night. We can get a short night's sleep or even still pull an all-nighter once in a while and still make it to school or work, don't you think?

Why don't you let your friends, family, and neighbors know you're going to be watching it and invite them to join you? We'll talk more about that next time. (Tweet that!

Other sites with very cool information:

Join the Facebook Party!

Are you on Facebook? I've set up a Facebook Event called the #LunarEclipse Watch Party! - 2nd of the 4 #BloodMoons. This is a public event, so anyone can join. It doesn't require anything of you. You can "attend" the event from wherever you are. I'll post links to articles, web sites, and other information you might find interesting about this lunar eclipse. Please share this event with all your interested friends and contacts. (I believe you can send an invitation to your Facebook contacts from the Event page.) Stop by and click the "Going" tab here: Dianne's Lunar Eclipse Watch Party!

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