Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Discover Bible Prophecies Fulfilled in Jesus' Death & Resurrection through Easter Moments -- Shrove/Fat Tuesday & Easter Countdown Day 40

Today is "Fat Tuesday," that day celebrated weirdly in New Orleans.

It's also knows as "Shrove Tuesday."

Also, for Catholics and others who observe the Lenten season, Lent begins tomorrow with Ash Wednesday. (Tweet that!)

It's also another anniversary. In a sense (though not on the calendar), this Bible Prophecies Fulfilled blog is a year old. I started blogging last year on March 2, 2014, just before Shrove Tuesday and the beginning of Lent. I started this blog with a series of 40 posts -- one each for the 40 days of Lent. Most of these posts focused on a Bible prophecy that was fulfilled in the Easter story, that is the arrest, trials, crucifixion, death, and resurrection of Jesus. (Tweet that!) The rest of these posts -- from Day 10 to Day 5 -- discussed the series of "Blood Moons" (tetrad of total lunar eclipses) and their spiritual and prophetic significance.

Because those prophecies and how they were fulfilled continue to be eternally relevant, and because their fulfillments should serve to strengthen our faith for today as we see how God takes care of those who belong to Him and orchestrates everything that is happening on the earth, I felt it was worthwhile to revisit those posts this year for Easter. I'm calling it our "Easter Moments." (Tweet that!)

Even though you may not observe Lent, I believe taking a little time out for Easter Moments each day from now until Easter will help us prepare for and make our Easter more meaningful, in the same way the Advent season helps us prepare for Christmas. (Tweet that!) I don't know about you, but for me the days and weeks can spin by so fast it's easy for holidays and holy days to come and go and I hardly notice or celebrate them. (Tweet that!)  I believe God gave us holidays to slow us down. To cause us to reflect on their meanings. To enjoy. To rest. (Tweet that!)

I've realized in recent years that I need to make a special effort to do that. To  s l o w   d o w n.  (Tweet that!)




So for this season approaching Easter, I hope you will join me for Easter Moments. (Tweet that!)  Here's my plan:

From now until Easter, at the bottom of my posts, you'll find links to last year's Countdown to Easter posts. After today, I will continue with my usual post about Bible prophecies we are seeing fulfilled today at the top and then add the Easter Moments links at the bottom. Look for the above fiery cross to find the Easter Moments links. (Tweet that!)

Lent is a 40-day countdown to Easter which counts only 6 days per week, excluding Sundays because as Christians attending church worship services we are already celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Sundays. (Tweet that!)

Since I regularly post to this blog three days each week, on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, I can post two links for the Easter Moments countdowns on each of the three weekly posts.

You can read them both...or read one and come back the next day to read the second one.

Please note that the 3rd of the four "Blood Moons" or total lunar eclipses will take place on Saturday April 4, which is Passover. That will be Day 1 of our Countdown to Easter because the next day, Sunday, is Easter. (Tweet that!) The Day 10 through Day 5 posts on these "Blood Moons" total lunar eclipses will again be significant and timely as we approach Passover and this Blood Moon #3 of 4. You see, it all goes together.

May our fire for the Lord Jesus Christ -- who is God Himself come in the flesh -- be reignited (or ignited for the first time) through the study of God's Word and the prophecies fulfilled in the death and resurrection of Jesus. (Tweet that!)

I truly hope these posts will light your hearts and minds on fire for the Lord Jesus Christ. (Tweet that!) Please join me for these 40 Easter Moments and please invite a friend, your family, or your church family to join us.

Easter Moments:

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