Saturday, February 7, 2015

How to Stay Up to Date on the 4th and Final Lunar Eclipse - 2015 Amazing Worldwide Event #4 Linked to Bible Prophecy

You may wonder how you can stay up to date on the fourth and final Lunar Eclipse of the current tetrad series which is linked to Bible prophecy.

If you would like to receive reminders, updates, and stay abreast of this important event coming September 28, 2015, you can join my Facebook event designed for that very purpose. (Tweet that!) In this event I will post links about this fourth lunar eclipse on this blog and any other interesting articles and information about this eclipse that I find. (Tweet that!) If you set your Facebook to receive posts from the event then you will receive notices of these post in Facebook which will serve as reminders as it approaches.

Also, this event page is a great way to let other people you care about know of this lunar eclipse and its importance. (Tweet that!) My desire is to educate as many people as I can reach so when these events occur people will not be caught by surprise but will be informed. (Tweet that!)

I also wish to encourage people in their faith in the One to whom all these events point: the LORD Jesus Christ. (Tweet that!) Whether you already know him personally or want to learn more about him and these events, this blog is where to come for all the information I find to share. (Tweet that!) I would greatly appreciate your help in spreading the word about this blog and these Facebook event pages. (Tweet that!)

Here are all four of the amazing worldwide events in 2015 linked to Bible prophecy:

Stay tuned to this blog and these Facebook Event pages to learn more about these fascinating worldwide events we are set to experience in 2015 which are linked to Bible prophecy.

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