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Did the "Dig" TV Show Get it Right? - Tunnels Under the Temple Mount in Bible Prophecy

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In the previous post, Did the "Dig" TV Show Get it Right? – Training Temple Priests in Israel to Fulfill Bible Prophecy, I gave an introduction to the TV show Dig and some of the little known pieces of information about Bible prophecy portrayed in the show. (Tweet that!)

Another tidbit of information is about the extensive network of tunnels that exist under the Temple Mount. (Tweet that!) Some of the scenes in the show take place in these tunnels.

I wrote an article about the Temple Mount tunnels previously on this blog here:

One very interesting belief about these tunnels is that this may be where the currently-missing Ark of the Covenant is located. (Tweet that!) Here is a portion of an article on the Temple Institute's site titled "Israeli Institute Prepares Priests for Jerusalem's Third Temple" (April 9, 2014):

Everything is ready, then, except two additional, small matters. The easy one, you'd be surprised, is the Ark of the Covenant. "The Second Temple didn't have an ark, either," Segel reminds me, and Friedman adds, "There are 10 studies about the location of the Ark of the Covenant. We read them and studied all of them, and reached the conclusion that the right answer is that it's buried in the tunnels under the Temple Mount. When the day comes, we will get to it."

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I haven't been able to determine if the scenes portrayed in the tunnels were actually filmed in the tunnels under Jerusalem's Temple Mount (Tweet that!), but if so, it was very fun and intriguing to see some of these tunnels.

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