Saturday, April 25, 2015

John Kerry's Jewish Ancestry, Catholic Profession, and Islamic Pronouncement = Spiritual Confusion

 John Kerry told reporter Laura Rozen this weekend 
that a nuclear deal with Iran is possible, "Inshallah."
Did you know U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has Jewish ancestry? (Tweet that!) His ancestors changed the family name and converted to be Catholic.

Here are two articles about John Kerry's ancestry:

One thing that caught my attention is the seemingly "easy" conversion the Kerry ancestors made from Jews to Catholics. But according to the article, it seems this conversion was because they were experiencing some level of persecution for being Jewish, at least in their business dealings if not more.

My intention is not to criticize, but to just point it out so we can discuss what true conversion is and means.

A person cannot or does not change between religions by the swipe of a pen. A true conversion does not take place simply so they will find it easier to do business.  A true religion is a set of beliefs that a person honestly believes to be true. If a person truly believes in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, then you don't suddenly give all that up just so business will be better or easier.

On the other hand, it's easy to change religions if there is no true belief there. (Tweet that!)

In the case of Jewish people, this is not only a religion but also a race. So that means that there can be religions Jews, who truly believe the Torah (what Christians call the Old Testament). But then there can also be non-religious Jews, which means they are Jewish by race but there is no real belief in anything religious. I've heard these called "secular Jews."

For Christians – and I mean true Christians – there must be an understanding of who Jesus is and what he did and a conscious decision to become a Christian. (Tweet that!) No one is born a Christian. However in some countries the term "christian" is understood to be anyone who is not Muslim. (Tweet that!)

My point in all this is to say that for true religion, and for an honestly religions person, there are beliefs that are truly held and, in that case, are not easily scrapped and left behind. For someone to believe any person can jump from one religion to another means none of these beliefs really matter, or perhaps they are all in essence the same and there is no difference.

This is massive spiritual confusion. We're seeing a lot of spiritual confusion in the world today. (Tweet that!)

In the case of John Kerry, we have a U.S. leader with Jewish blood who is Catholic proclaiming, "If Allah wills it." (Tweet that!)

Is that not spiritual confusion?

But it is fascinating that this representative of the United States, the U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry now seems to be connected to Jews by blood, to Christians by the faith he claims, and now, through his pronouncement on March 27, 2015, to Islam. (Tweet that!)

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