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Did the "Dig" TV Show Get it Right? - The Bible Prophecy of the Red Heifer

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This week we've been looking at some intriguing topics brought up by the TV show Dig. In the first episode, as a matter of fact if I remember right it was the first scene of the first episode, we saw traditional Jewish men arriving at a snowy farm in Canada to inspect a newly born calf.

Again, I thought it was intriguing that the folks behind the TV show Dig portrayed the red heifer needed to fulfill Bible prophecy. (Tweet that!)

A heifer is defined as:
A young female cow; especially: one that has not had a calf (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

I previously wrote a little bit about the red heifer in the Bible in my article:

I wanted to revisit the topic and give more information. Every few years I hear of a lot of excitement about another red calf that has been born followed by flurry of activity by Jewish authorities. (Tweet that!) Jewish authorities need to inspect any such calf to see whether the calf qualifies as being red enough (limited number of other-colored hairs) to be the red heifer needed for the ceremony to purify the rebuilt Jewish Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. (Tweet that!)

Just this past week a new article emerged talking about another red heifer which might be THE red heifer. (Tweet that!) The article sums up the information so well I'll let you read it rather than try to recap it here:

My question is, if this heifer is two years old, as this article says, why are we just now hearing about it? (Tweet that!)

Here's another article with the same title on a different blog:

Again, the TV show Dig has opened an opportunity to talk about some of the details that need to occur in order for Bible prophecies to be fulfilled.

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