Saturday, April 4, 2015

Thoughts Following Blood Moon #3 -- Plus Easter Moments Countdown Day 1

Dates of Four Total Lunar Eclipses
plus the central Solar Eclipse
of 2014 and 2015
Early this morning the earth is witnessing the 3rd of the four total lunar eclipses which have been "nicknamed" or called the Blood Moons. I hope you were able to see it wherever you are.

I'm writing this post in advance so it will post early in the morning, actually even before the end of the eclipse, although for many of us the moon will set behind the horizon before it's over so we can't see the end of the eclipse.

My prayer is that this has been a beautiful event for you, spiritually significant and personally memorable. (Tweet that!)

As you know, today is Passover, a significant holiday for the Jewish people. I wish you a blessed Passover.

For Christians, yesterday was "Good Friday," when the Christian church remembers the crucifixion of Jesus the Christ. Tomorrow is Easter Sunday. This "Blood Moon" is sandwiched in between those two important dates on the Christian calendar. (Tweet that!) I wish you a blessed Easter.

God is as work. He is working in this world and in each of our lives, calling us to recognize His sovereignty, to remember Him, to call upon Him, to thank Him for His mercy, grace, and work on our behalf. (Tweet that!)

Some additional resources you may enjoy:

Here is information about the next total lunar eclipse coming our way. This will be the 4th and final eclipse of the current tetrad. (Tweet that!)

As you can guess, I'll be talking about the fourth and final total lunar eclipse of this tetrad here. And I've already created a Facebook Event for this eclipse coming next September 28, 2015. Please join this event now so you won't miss anything or forget. Simply click this link and then choose "Going."

This is an article I wrote earlier on my thoughts about what might happen on the Shemitah later this year and what life might be like afterwards:

I've also already created a Facebook Event for the coming Shemitah. You can learn all about what that is at this event. (Also through articles I've already posted on this blog. Please do a search for that word if you're interested in learning more now.) This event occurs BEFORE the next lunar eclipse -- only about two weeks before. Please also join the Shemitah Watch event by clicking this link and then choosing "Going."

Again, here is my informational brochure for you to print and share, or share electronically by posting it on your social media sites:

Have a very happy Easter. He is alive! Celebrate! I'll see you next week when we'll talk more about what's going on in the world and how we might be seeing Bible prophecies fulfilled right before our very eyes. 

Easter Moments:

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