Saturday, May 23, 2015

Could the Actual Numbers of the Bible's Isaiah 9:10 Prophecy have Meaning?

For the past few weeks we've been exploring the prophecy in the Bible verse Isaiah 9:10 and its connection to the events in America on 9/11. I can't help but notice the reference number of the Isaiah verse.

I don't know, it just seems to be shouting to me that 9:10 is a warning that came just before 9/11. What do you think? (Tweet that!)

How do you feel when you hear leaders who do not know God or do not respect or reverence Him enough to study His Word quoting the Bible? (Tweet that!) It makes me perk up. I don't know if I should be nervous or excited because I know God is paying attention. But at the very least it makes me pay attention. (Tweet that!)

Look at Tom Daschle using Isaiah 9:10 in his speech on 9/12. While Senator Daschle thought he was speaking profound words, God was speaking much more profoundly through this man. And Senator Daschle didn't even know it! (Tweet that!)

God was using these leaders. He was using them for His own purposes. Without their knowledge. Unwittingly. (Tweet that!)

And God was doing so in order to tell us something. (Tweet that!)

Only those who are tuned in will hear Him. Only those who are willing to look into it when we hear the Word of God being spoken – no matter who speaks it. (Tweet that!)

What can we learn? Here are a few thoughts:

  1. We must know the Bible. We need to recognize when someone is speaking from it. (Tweet that!)
  2. Then at the very least we must be willing to look into it when we hear someone quoting the Bible. We must be willing to check out the context. (Tweet that!) What is it really saying? Then, what is it saying in the context of the uninformed or ill-informed speaker?  
  3. We must be paying attention, engaged, listening. So many people seem to have tuned out. It's time to reengage. (Tweet that!)

Are you engaged? Listening? Checking out what is being said?

Who do you know who needs to be engaged? Could pointing them to this blog help?


  1. i dont know about 911 but plato's number reveals the secrets of freemasonry.
    The esoteric religion of rome - Neoplatonism.
    And if thats the correct resolution of the famed 666 riddle in revelation then Plato is the man mentioned and thus the false prophet of revelation i.m.o

  2. Thank you for your comment, TD. But the Antichrist indicated by the 666 riddle is yet to come, so could not have been Plato. And the Freemasonry beliefs deviate seriously from orthodox Christianity.