Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Isaiah 9:10 Effect

In Jonathan Cahn's book, The Harbinger Companion with Study Guide, he talks about a "paradoxical or ironic dynamic" about the Bible's prediction in Isaiah 9:10. Mr. Cahn calls this "the Isaiah 9/10 Effect." (Tweet that!) He defines this Isaiah 9/10 Effect as this:
"The attempt of a nation to defy the course of its judgment, apart from repentance, will instead set in motion a chain of events to bring about the very calamity it sought to avert" (page 68). 

Notice the author's words "apart from repentance." (Tweet that!)

Repentance means making a u-turn. Repentance means stopping going in one direction, ceasing to do what is wrong, plus turning around and going another direction.

The United States of America is heading straight into this Isaiah 9/10 Effect. (Tweet that!)

We are heading there. Like it or not.

Because there has been no repentance. I see no sign of repentance. Do you?

Can we still be redeemed? Yes.

But will we be redeemed? I see no sign of turning. (Tweet that!)

It could happen in a day.

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