Saturday, November 1, 2014

Blood Moons Report with Pastors Jim Bakker and Mark Biltz (Video Post)

What do you think the current series of "Blood Moons" -- meaning the four lunar eclipses falling on Jewish holy days -- means? (Tweet that!)

What is going to happen?  Anything?

Will there be war in the Middle East?

Will there be a world-wide financial calamity?

Will the 7-years of the Tribulation period prophesied in the Bible begin?

Listen here as Pastor Jim Bakker speaks about what he believes will happen. (Tweet that!)

Includes informational clips with Pastor Mark Biltz explaining about the "Blood Moons" and what the Bible has to say. (Tweet that!)

As Pastor Bakker says, many people will laugh and mock. But is this really crazy? (Tweet that!)

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