Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Closed ... for the Shemitah?

There is so much going on in America right now that this may seem like a small thing but I don't think it is. Have you noticed the Blue Laws are disappearing? (Tweet that!)

The Blue Laws prohibited the selling of certain items on Sundays, such as liquor or cars.

It used to be, long ago in the "old days," almost every business was closed on Sundays. Not anymore. (Tweet that!) The only business I know of that is closed on Sunday now is Chick-Fil-A. You know, that chicken sandwich place that made the news in 2012 when the owner spoke out against gay marriage? He stood up for Judeo-Christian beliefs and was slammed for it. (Tweet that!)  

It used to be that families went home from church to have dinner after church together. Often families invited the pastor to join them.

Now, to many people, it's just another day of work. What about you? How much do you restrict your work on Sundays?

It's easy to let it slide, isn't it? To think it's not important.

What if God asked you to take a whole year off. And to trust Him to provide for you in that year? (Tweet that!) Would you think that was important? Would you easily let that slide? Would you go ahead and work to "get ahead" even farther during that year "off"?

If you were Jewish, that's what God would ask of you.

Yeah, it's a challenge to think about, isn't it? Welcome to the idea of the Shemitah. (Tweet that!)

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