Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Why Would God Insist on the Shemitah? The Spiritual Parallel

Imagine having all your debt wiped away. (Tweet that!) Imagine God insisting on wiping away all debt. (Tweet that!) That is "The Shemitah." Why would God insist on the Shemitah? Because He is teaching us through a spiritual parallel. (Tweet that!)

You might wonder why God would want the people of Israel to wipe out all debts every seven years? Why would He direct people to do such a radical, unusual bit of financing? Why wipe the books clean every seven years? (Tweet that!)

If we don't understand the "why" behind a rule or instruction, then it's pretty easy to ignore it or rebel against it, don't you think? (Tweet that!)

But the rule or instruction is there to obey, even if the people didn't understand why.

And if the people of Israel didn't follow this instruction from God, there were serious repercussions. In fact, if the people didn't do this "financial reset" which God instructed, He would do it for them. (Tweet that!)  Why would God do such a thing?!

The answer: God is drawing a spiritual parallel. He's painting a picture in real-world, tangible, visible images of what He does in the invisible, spiritual realm. (Tweet that!)

This is what God does for us spiritually: He wipes away our debit, what we owe God. That is, He wipes away our sin-debt. (Tweet that!)

Because we sin, and because the wages of sin is death, we cannot pay this debt and live. Sin creates a debt we could never repay and at the same time survive. (Tweet that!)

Jesus paid a debt He didn't owe because we owed a debt we couldn't pay.

The One True God is a most unusual God. (Tweet that!)

It takes imagination to explain the things of heaven and the ways of God in heaven to the people of earth. To illustrate one heavenly truth of God's incredible love, God insists on the Shemitah.