Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Does the Shemitah Apply to America? - Part 2

In the previous post, Part 1, we began addressing the question, "Does the Shemitah apply to America?" Continuing, here is another piece of information from Jonathan Cahn's book, The Harbinger Companion with Study Guide, page 88: (Tweet that!)

The greatest collapse of the 2008 economic implosion and the greatest stock market crash in American history happened on September 29, 2008. That day on the biblical calendar was the twenty-ninth day of Elul, the final, crowning day of the Hebrew Shemitah—and the exact day appointed by God for the wiping away of a nation's financial accounts. 
The Shemitah revolves around the number seven. So the number seven arises over and over again concerning the economic collapse of 2008. The great collapse happened on the crowning day of the seventh year. It was triggered on Capitol Hill when Congress rejected a $700 billion bailout plan. Seven percent of the market was wiped out. And the number of points wiped away was 777. 
In order to trigger all of these "sevens," all of Wall Street, the American and world economies, every economic and financial transaction, had to be an exact position for it all to happen as it did, at the exact time and to that exact number. No human hand could have orchestrated it. 
(The Harbinger Companion with Study Guide by Jonathan Cahn, page 88.)

In that first paragraph Mr. Cahn talks about "the twenty-ninth day of Elul." I wrote a post explaining what the 29th of Elul is which you can find here: "When is the Shemitah?"

And the next Shemitah? It's coming this September 13, 2015. (Tweet that!)

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