Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Breaking News: Temple Institute Announces Efforts to Raise a Pure Red Heifer in Israel

The Temple Institute announces plans to raise
a pure red heifer in Israel.
(Image source: The Temple Institute newsletter.)
Last week a friend shared with me a notice that The Temple Institute in Jerusalem was planning a major announcement on July 12th.

Here, in part, is the announcement that came via email:

Tammuz 25, 5775/July 12, 2015

After 2,000 years, with great thanks to the Almighty, we are pleased to announce: 
The Temple Institute is raising red heifers in Israel. For the first time in 2000 years, the restoration of Biblical purity is within reach... the prerequisite for building the Holy Temple. Click HERE to watch this video and learn how to participate in this historic project.  
The future is in our hands!

 Blessings from the holy city of Jerusalem,
 Rabbi Chaim Richman
The Temple Institute

The announcement included a fundraising link to raise the funds needed to accomplish this goal. More information is given on the fundraiser page. Here are a few pieces of information I found interesting:

What is a Red Heifer? 
The Red Heifer is a female cow, three years of age, with perfect consistency of a particular reddish hue, having not even two hairs of any other color. The heifer also may never be used for any type of labor, and must be totally blemish-free.  The ordinance of the para aduma, the Red Heifer, is found in the Torah, in the book of Numbers Chapter 19, and elucidated in the teachings of the Sages of Israel... 

Here's a bit more info:

What's the Difference Between an Ordinary Red Cow, and a Proper Red Heifer? 
Red cattle can be found throughout the world, and are not uncommon. However, raising a perfect red heifer in accordance with Biblical requirements for the fulfillment of the Numbers Ch. 19 commandment is a daunting task requiring advance planning, exacting preparation and constant supervision. In order for a heifer to be considered kosher for the Biblical use, it must literally be raised from birth under specific circumstances and in a controlled environment.  
The Project Has Begun: A Change in Conception 
In the past the people of Israel waited for the birth of a potential Red Heifer. But with Torah knowledge and advanced science, the Temple Institute has now begun to actively pursue this commandment.  For this unprecedented project, the Temple Institute has joined forces with an experienced cattle rancher here in Israel. This expert in the science of animal husbandry, under the halachic supervision and guidance of the rabbis of the Temple Institute, is utilizing the technique of implanting the frozen embryos of Red Angus cattle in Israeli domestic cattle.  The end result of this program will be the introduction of the Red Angus breed into Israel. This method, authorized and approved by Israel's Ministry of Agriculture, has already proven successful with the birth of a number of male Red Angus. The location and other details of the cattle ranch will remain undisclosed to the general public during the initial stages of the project. The Temple Institute will release periodic progress updates. 

And finally this is interesting because it differs from what I've always heard:

  • The appearance of a Red Heifer is miraculous...
  • A Red Heifer cannot be prepared without first obtaining the ashes of the original Red Heifer 
  • There is nothing miraculous about the birth of a red cow; they exist in plenty. But raising and preparing a heifer to be a potential candidate for fulfilling the Biblical commandment requires know-how:  halachic, scientific and animal husbandry expertise,  The Temple Institute's partnership with an expert Israeli cattleman represents the perfect synthesis of Torah knowledge and scientific expertise... and faith. A true religious-Zionist enterprise! ...
  • There is no halachic prerequisite that requires the original ashes
Finally, here is the short video included with the announcement:

I've written on this blog my understanding from what I've been taught about the red heifer in these Related Posts


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Experts say ashes of original #RedHeifer are not required to purify the #Temple in Jerusalem! #EndTimes (Tweet that!

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