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Follow-Up on the 9th of Av - Temple Institute's Incredible Message Part 1

I wanted to come back to the topic of the 9th of Av to make one correction and also give some new information:   (Tweet that!

NEW: Another exciting announcement from The Temple Institute.

First the correction: I posted previously that the 9th of Av would correspond to the 25th of July on our calendar. So I was surprised when I received a newsletter from The Temple Institute on Sunday, July 26th, with the date at the top as the 9th of Av. Here's how the date read:

Av 9, 5775/July 26, 2015

I'm not completely sure, but perhaps my mistake came in seeing the 9th of Av on my Biblical calendar on July 25th when the 9th of Av really started at sundown on July 25th. Does that make sense? Then the 9th of Av would have run through sundown on July 26th. That's my best guess at what happened at this point.

Secondly, that newsletter I received from The Temple Institute which came on Sunday held some amazing news. You can sign up for the Temple Institute's newsletter on their site, but for those who haven't seen it I'll pass on their incredible message.

The subject line read:

"The Third Holy Temple Plans have Begun"

I've followed the work of The Temple Institute for many years. I've written about their work to prepare the various items, such as the Lampstand and the Table of Shewbread, needed for the Temple to function. I've watched from afar the preparation for the Temple to be rebuilt. I’ve also watched in amazement as it appears Bible prophecies to rebuild the Temple seem to be setting up to be fulfilled.

And yet…

…to see that announcement put in concrete terms in the subject line of a Jewish organization located in Jerusalem felt stunning.  (Tweet that!

The opening of their message contains familiar information if you've been reading my posts about the 9th of Av. See how much you've learned? (If you've missed those posts, see Related Articles below). Here's how the Temple Institute opened their announcement:   (Tweet that!

Today, the Ninth of Av, the solemn day of mourning which commemorates the destruction of the First and Second Temples, the Temple Institute has released a modern three-dimensional architectural rendition of the future Third Holy Temple utilizing the latest building material and techniques. The three-minute video walks viewers through the main sanctuary, showcasing decades of research and tens of innovative Halachic solutions to various perplexing issues that were resolved to create fully functional, ready-to-use plans. As the visual tour sweeps through the sanctuary, one can see the menorah, incense altar and showbread table, all of which have already been prepared by the Institute, among 70 other sacred vessels. 

I'm including the three-minute video the message references below. (Tweet that!

But first let me say that you should treasure this experience of being taken inside the Temple. If the Temple were standing in real life, neither you nor I would be allowed to take this tour. Many Christians may think of the Temple much like our churches, where we welcome visitors to come inside and worship. (Tweet that!

However the Temple in Jerusalem is different! No one is allowed inside except the Jewish priests sent in to tend to the Temple items inside. Furthermore, even they are not allowed in the back 1/3 of the Temple, which is the Holy of Holies. The only person allowed to enter there is the High Priest, and then he may only enter once per year on the Day of Atonement (an annual observance which is coming up this fall).

I want to watch this video over and over again! I want to pause it, study it. There's so much to learn here.

But I want to mention one thing: A couple of times you will see the big, reddish "wall" with the two golden winged beings facing each other. This the Curtain that separates the front 2/3s of the Temple, the Holy Place, from the back 1/3, the Most Holy Place of the Holy of Holies. In this video we stop at the Curtain and do not enter the Holy of Holies. This video is called "Stage One: The Sanctuary" which refers to the front 2/3s of the Temple.

The inside of the Temple represents that holy place where the Living God resides. What I mean by that is, like the Temple, no one may enter His presence except by the blood of the Lamb, the Sacrifice. (Tweet that!)

Anyone who enters in any other way is to receive the death penalty.

Ponder that as you enter the Sanctuary via watching this video…

"The Third Holy Temple Plans have Begun"
"Stage One: The Sanctuary"

The LORD Jesus Christ actually personifies the Holy Temple in the Bible which is to stand in Jerusalem. Another way to say that is the Temple pictures the ministry of the LORD Jesus. We'll have to discuss that another time soon.

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