Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Special Announcement! New E-book Releasing Soon: "THE SHEMITAH" -- Pre-Order Now!

The Shemitah
Book 1 in the "Best of Bible Prophecies
Fulfilled Blog Series"
In the previous post last Saturday I told you in this post today I would announce here on the blog my new project that has me very excited. Thank you for coming to see what's up.

I'm very excited to announce I'm creating three Kindle e-books which compile a large part of the information on this Bible Prophecies Fulfilled blog. (Tweet that!) The first e-book is The Shemitah: What it is, When it is, and Why it's Important in Light of Bible Prophecy.

This first e-book will release in the next couple weeks, but it just became available for pre-order and you can pre-order it right now here: The Shemitah.           (Tweet that!)

 While I love the immediacy of having this blog to share important information to a large audience, having all this information only on a blog presents certain challenges. You can find the information on a certain topic, such as the Shemitah, by following links, clicking on labels, and using the search box, but it also can get confusing following link after link after link.

Wouldn't it be nice to have all that information compiled in one place that you can have and keep to reference as you need it? (Tweet that!) And wouldn't it be really nice to have all this information in a logical order for easy access? And wouldn't it be really, really nice to have all this information at your fingertips so you can easily share it with other people? That's exactly what I'm doing in these e-books.

The short chapters in the e-books will be posts taken directly from this blog. That is why I'm calling this series of e-books the "Best of Bible Prophecies Fulfilled Blog Series." (Tweet that!) Each chapter will also include links to the posts on this blog.

But that's not all!

Each "Best of Bible Prophecies Fulfilled Blog" e-book will also have a Bonus. This first e-book, The Shemitah, will have two Bonuses:

  • Bonus #1: How the Jewish Calendar Works 
  • Bonus #2: The 9th of Av

But that's not all!

Each e-book will also have brand new material I created just for that book:

Now you can have a guide to help you share all you've learned with others, whether with a friend, your family, a Sunday school class, a Bible study group, or another individual or group.

Another reason to compile this information into e-books is because not everyone reads blogs. Whether they don't follow blogs, don't have the time to visit a blog regularly, or even aren't on the Internet that much, I meet people all the time who are interested in these topics but do not, for a variety of reasons, want to get it from a blog. Compiling this information into a different format will make it conveniently accessible to many more interested people. I can reach a whole new audience! (Tweet that!)

If you want this new e-book delivered to your Kindle reader (or another device with the free Kindle app), please pre-order your copy of The Shemitah right now:

Only $2.99

The other two e-books coming in the series are not quite ready for pre-ordering yet. I'm working hard to get them ready for release. The other two books will be:

  • The Four Blood Moons  (releasing next for pre-order)
  • The 7 Feasts of the LORD  (releasing soon for pre-order)

When the next book is ready, I'll announce it here on the blog. You, my loyal readers of this blog, should be the first to know! Or, you can watch for updates and release dates on Dianne's Amazon Author Page.

These e-books are exclusive to Amazon's Kindle format. No Kindle? No problem! You can make your device your Kindle reader through that link right there.

You can pre-order the first e-book right now and get it as soon as it's ready to be delivered. Please note the release date showing on Amazon will be moved up to release sooner as soon as all the details  are prepared and the e-book is ready to publish.

Also, check out the new Page on this blog using the menu tab above at the top or linked here. On this new Page you can learn more about these new e-books:

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