Tuesday, July 21, 2015

What might happen on the "9th of Av" = July 25, 2015 - Part 3

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Every year has a 9th of Av. But something significant concerning Israel does not always happen on the 9th of Av. Why am I watching this year closely? (Tweet that!)

Because this year is different, special:
  • It is a Shemitah year.
Learn more about the Shemitah in this introduction.  Learn more in this recent series of posts about the Shemitah listed at the bottom of this page. (Tweet that!)
  • We are currently within the four "Blood Moon" total lunar eclipses with the last one ending the series coming this September.

But then again, all these things may be warnings of things yet to come next year. Or the next. (Tweet that!) And so maybe this is not the year for something bad to happen for Israel on the 9th of Av after all. History will tell.

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