Saturday, August 8, 2015

Discover the Shemitah and Partial Solar Eclipse (#BlackSun) Watch Party and The Shemitah E-Book

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Shemitah and Partial Solar Eclipse Watch Party
Have you discovered the "Shemitah and Partial Solar Eclipse (#BlackSun) Watch Party"? (Tweet that!)

In the previous post we were reminded that there will be a partial solar eclipse on the day of the Shemitah, which is Sunday, September 13th, 2015. (Tweet that!)

I've set up an Event on Facebook where we can talk about both of these amazing events -- the Shemitah and the partial solar eclipse.

You can join this Event on Facebook right now. Find it here:

To be a part of this Facebook Event you can be anywhere in the world. This is just an easy place for all of us to discuss the Shemitah further, ask questions, offer answers, share articles and online information we discover about the Shemitah and this coming partial solar eclipse, etc.(Tweet that!)

And feel free to share it with your friends.

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Also, if you would prefer to have all the previous information on this blog in one place where you can easily access it, the e-book releases today! For this e-book I've compiled all my articles on the Shemitah up to this point into Kindle e-book form. PLUS, I added a Leader's Guide available only in this e-book. You can order it today and it will be delivered to your device today! Be among the first to read it. (Tweet that!)

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