Thursday, August 13, 2015

Wouldn't Leveling Imbalances and Erasing Accounts Be a Good Thing?

In his book, The Mystery of the Shemitah  on pages 240 - 243, author and Rabbi Jonathan Cahn gives an amazing list of 26 general, yet quite specific, statements we can expect to take place in America, and the world with America as its leader, if the Shemitah manifests as a judgment from God.

Let's discuss some of his points and what they might look like if played out. (Tweet that!) For example, the eighth item on his list (page 241), should the Shemitah manifest as a judgment from God is this:

"The judgment will level imbalances and erase accounts within the nation and among the nations."
What comes to you mind? Here's what comes to mine:

President Barack Obama has amassed a tremendous debt during his presidency. It is truly mind-boggling. Or beyond mind-boggling even. It's more debt than most of us can comprehend.

Now please don't say all presidents do this. They don't. One way to get a grasp on how much debt the Obama administration has accumulated during his 6 ½ years as president is to see that this president's debt equal as much as ALL U.S. PRESIDENTS COMBINED since the country was founded and the first president, George Washington. This is shameful.

We've seen what is happening in Greece. That is just a preview of what might happen in the U.S.

I believe our biggest debt is owed to China.

So what would it look like if all imbalances were leveled and all accounts erased among the nations? (Tweet that!)

Jonathan Cahn also writes that a Shemitah judgment would ...

"annual, transform, and wipe clean the financial accounts of America and the nations" 

... and the judgment

"will cause credit to go unpaid and debt to be released within America and the world."

The way I see it, for American people this might be a good thing – being released from the tremendous debt our leaders have put us into. (Tweet that!) But what would our country look like afterwards? And what would it mean for the countries that hold our debt? (Tweet that!)

I don't know the answers to those questions.

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