Tuesday, August 25, 2015

What Would a Shemitah Judgement Look Like? Altering the Landscape

In several posts now, we've been taking a closer look at the list of manifestations author Jonathan Cahn wrote in his book, The Mystery of the Shemitah, that would take place in a Shemitah judgment. On page 243, Jonathan Cahn wrote:

"The judgment will alter the landscape of nations and powers."

The very next manifestation Cahn lists is this:

"The judgment will involve and affect the rise and fall of great powers."

At first the landscapes I thought of were "political landscapes," meaning the political powers we see in the world today. (Tweet that!)  His next statement, the rise and fall of great powers, seems to confirm that.

But upon further thought, I wonder, could it be literal landscape? By that I mean, of the land? Could the landscape actually be altered, as in a large earthquake? (Tweet that!

Nothing says it couldn't be both.

I'm just thinking out loud. What do you think?

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