Thursday, August 27, 2015

What Would a Shemitah Judgement Look Like? Turning Things Right Side Up or God's Side Up

In my posts here since August 13, we've been talking about some of the items author Jonathan Cahn listed on pages 240 – 243 in his book, The Mystery of the Shemitah, that would take place in a Shemitah judgment. For me, this item he lists brings it all together. This is what it's all about. This is the heart of it all:

"The judgment will make clear the link between America's physical and material realm and that of the spiritual."

There is always a connection between the physical and the spiritual. (Tweet that!)

For example, when Jesus spoke to Nicodemus about being born spiritually and starting an eternal spiritual life with God, He related it to physical birth. Yet those are two different things: this temporary physical life and the eternal spiritual life.

Another example is the miraculous healings Jesus performed when He walked this earth. These obviously had a physical manifestation for the recipient of the miracle, but it also had a spiritual counterpart. The miracle was intended to bring many people into an eternal, spiritual relationship with God, not merely give a temporary physical healing that would only last until the death of the person.

Therefore, the entire point of the Shemitah is to make clear the link between what happens in the physical world with the spiritual realm. In other words, the choices made in Americas in the physical world have consequences in the spiritual world.

Furthermore, these choices affect many more than the individuals who make them. (Tweet that!) Individual Justices on the Supreme Court have made decisions and put into effect physical realities that affect us all – such as effectively legalizing same-sex marriage. Another example is the legalization of abortion in 1973.

However while the Justices made these decisions, even against the wishes of many if not most Americans, we will all suffer the consequences. (Tweet that!) You may not think there are consequences, but there are. And they are taking place in the spiritual realm and will manifest in the physical realm. (Tweet that!)

In a Shemitah judgement, these will be seen clearly. (Tweet that!)

I find the nineteenth statement on Jonathan Cahn's list to be closely related. We'll look at that one in the next post.  

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