Tuesday, September 1, 2015

What Would a Shemitah Judgement Look Like? A Sign of Driving God Out of America

In the previous post we were talking about how author Jonathan Cahn writes a Shemitah "judgment will make clear the link between America's physical and material realm and that of the spiritual." We talked about how there is always a connection between the physical and the spiritual.

I find the nineteenth statement on Jonathan Cahn's list (The Mystery of the Shemitah, page 242) to be closely related:

"The judgment will manifest as a sign against a nation that has driven God out of its life, rejected His ways, and pursued material blessings and idols in His place."
In addition to the recent legalization of same-sex marriage and long-ago legalization of abortion, another thought this one brings to mind is America's educational system – from pre-school to the highest levels of our educational system.

I keep hearing about how text books and curriculum have changed American history to teach no mention of God in events such as the first Thanksgiving. Christians in our history are vilified, even though most of our founding fathers were indeed Christians, held God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ in highest regard, and actually formed our nation to honor the One True God of the Bible. (Tweet that!

Of course there are many other areas where America, starting at the top with the leaders, followed by Americans who are strongly influenced by those leaders, have driven God out of our nation.  (Tweet that!

What areas or realms come to your mind?

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