Thursday, September 3, 2015

What Would a Shemitah Judgement Look Like? It Would Touch Every Realm of Society & Life

We touched on it in our conversations on July 11 post, What Author Jonathan Cahn says about the Coming Shemitah Falling on a Sunday (Part 4). But the author revisits this topic and lists it as the #21 item on his list (The Mystery of the Shemitah, page 242).

Jonathan Cahn says these judgments will:

"…will touch not only the financial and economic realms but every realm of society and life."

Again, this encapsulates the heart of the Shemitah, what the Shemitah is all about. It's about resetting, about bring a people of God back to God. (Tweet that!) It's about letting things fall if they are not in line with God. It's about setting things right. (Tweet that!)

In the next post we'll talk more about what it's all FOR.

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