Tuesday, September 8, 2015

33 Important Happenings in September 2015

Combination Western and Jewish
calendar by
El Shaddai Ministries
A friend shared with me this list of 33 things that will happen in September 2015 compiled by blogger Michael Snyder.

It includes many events we've been talking about here on the blog, including the Shemitah day (on September 13th, next Sunday), the partial solar eclipse on that day (next Sunday), and the fourth and final (of the current tetrad of four) total lunar eclipses on major Jewish holy days.

But this list also includes a bunch of other events. Some of these events I was aware of such as the Pope's visit to the United States. Some I was vaguely aware of – I heard something about a large meteor headed our way? Others are new to me, such as the agenda of the United Nations and something about the Hadron Collider? (Tweet that!

Anyway, I thought you'd find this article interesting so I'm sharing it. (Tweet that!) But let me warn you…this blog has far more scary overtones than I try to have here. I try to let you know the facts and encourage your faith in Jesus to carry us through whatever is coming. I hope to build in you triumphant faith, trusting Jesus to hold us in the palm of His hand. (Tweet that!) This blog I'm sharing is much more dooms-day-ish. After all, the blog is called "End of the American Dream."

So please check it out for the information it provides, but do not let your hearts be troubled.

Special Notes:

Solar Eclipse Sunday during the Shemitah is not visible in the United States. More info here:

The best of this blog about The Shemitah.

All the best articles gathered together into one e-book with added Leader's Guide.

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