Tuesday, September 15, 2015

4th Blood Moon Is On Sunday September 27th (NOT September 28th)!

NOTE! The final total lunar eclipse is actually on
SUNDAY, September 27!
With the Shemitah year and final day now behind us, it's time to turn our attention to the fourth and final (of this tetrad) "Blood Moon" coming in less than two weeks -- in the early evening hours, just after sundown, on Sunday, September 27, 2015. (Tweet that!)

Don't miss this fourth "Blood Moon"! Again, it's the evening of September 27th! Yes, it's Sunday evening here in the United States, NOT Monday the 28th! (Tweet that!

We've been talking for a year and a half about the fourth total lunar eclipse that will fall on a major annual Jewish holiday, Sukkot, which is the 7th of the seven annual Jewish holy days. The date given everywhere, including here on my blog, has been September 28, 2015, which is Monday. But here in the western hemisphere, this lunar eclipse will actually take place on Sunday evening, September 27th. (Tweet that!

Why the discrepancy? Remember that on the Jewish calendar, a day runs from sunset to sunset. So Sukkot (on our calendars as September 28th), actually starts at sundown on Sunday, September 27th. (Tweet that!

Also, the solar and lunar eclipses forecast on web sites such as TimeAndDate.com use UTC: Coordinated Universal Time. UTC is a time standard all of the world's timing centers have agreed to synchronize to. (Tweet that!

Many of us learned about Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) (also known as Zulu time) which is sort of similar but not really the same. (GMT is now a Time Zone.) You can learn more about it here:

All this means that this fourth total lunar eclipse is said to be on September 28 because that is on UTC time.

BUT HERE IN THE UNITED STATES this fourth Total Lunar Eclipse will be after sunset on Sunday, September 27th

Please spread the word and don't miss it! 

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