Thursday, October 15, 2015

Islamic Prophecies Mimic But Twist Bible Prophecy - Two More Articles

I hope you enjoyed the series of Pastor John Hagee's sermons on the Four Horses of the Apocalypse. I found them informative and inspiring.

If you missed any, here are links to all four:

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During that series I also reminded us of my series of articles from last February and March about Islamic prophecy and how it takes the true Bible prophecies of the End Times and twists them all out of shape in order to make Jesus Christ look evil and to make Islam look like the true religion of the true God.  (Tweet that!) This is all, of course, evil in the extreme. Nonetheless, that is what Islam does.

During the series of four posts with Pastor John Hagee's messages, I also included links to two of these articles at the bottom of each post, for a total of eight linked articles. There are two more in my series, so to finish up I'm sharing those last two here: (Tweet that!)

If you know someone who is unaware of these lies of Islamic so-called prophecy that has stolen the truth of Bible prophecy and has twisted it, please alert them to these articles. Thank you. (Tweet that!)

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