Thursday, October 22, 2015

Follow up on the Shemitah with Jonathan Cahn - Part 2 (Video)

Jonathan Cahn, Author of The Mystery of the  Shemitah
In my previous post I shared comments from Jonathan Cahn, Messianic Rabbi and author of The Mystery of the Shemitah, following up after last month's Shemitah on Sunday, September 13th. These quotes came in an article at

Today, I'd like to share a recent video with Jonathan Cahn as he gives an answer to those who are wondering why "nothing" happening on the Shemitah September 13, 2015. (Tweet that!) He has an important message to share.

I felt his video contains important answers as well as interesting information. So I hope you'll take just over 10 minutes to hear what he has to say. (Tweet that!)

This video was posted to Youtube by a user called "The Cutting Edge 2." I'm a bit surprised I couldn't find it on Jonathan Cahn's official Youtube channel and I wonder why he wouldn't have it on his own page. Perhaps I'm not using the right search terms and simply didn't find it.

In any case, I hope this video will continue to be available for you to view:

"JONATHAN CAHN - Shemitah UPDATE 1st October -2015"
Posted by "The Cutting Edge 2" on October 1, 2015
Runs 10:43

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