Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Pope's Visit to United Nations Launches Summit Adopting Agenda 2030 - What Is Agenda 2030?

Image: Religion News Service, ReligionNews.com
In my previous post we viewed part of a video from the Jim Bakker Show that mentioned Agenda 2030. In fact the video is called "What Is Agenda 2030 and How Will It Affect You?" however there's really only about one minute in which Jim Bakker and his guests discuss Agenda 2030. Still, I think it's worth watching.

The minute they discuss Agenda 2030 is the one minute directly in front of what we watched yesterday. The video linked below will start at the point where the discussion turns to Agenda 2030. If you watch longer than a minute, you'll see the part of the video that was included in the previous post.

On September 25 - 27, the United Nations held a conference announcing the "New Universal Agenda for Humanity." (Tweet that!)

The previous Agenda 21 was about climate change, global warming, and protecting the earth. Agenda 2030 is the next generation of that plan. No longer about the environment, this agenda deals with economics, agriculture, education, gender equality, and more. (Tweet that!) Virtually all member nations of the United Nations are signing onto this.

The participants in the United Nations are saying they are going to fundamentally transform the world by the year 2030. (Tweet that!)

"Fundamentally transform." Doesn't that sound familiar? When then-candidate Barack Obama was running for President of the United States, many of us remember him saying he was going to "fundamentally transform" America. And he has. (Tweet that!)

Now it's going global. (As if it hasn't been...)

According to speaker in the video, Michael Snyder, this is a template for global governance. Those of us familiar with End Times Bible prophecy know that Bible prophecies state there will be one, and only one, world government. That's why this is so important in light of Bible prophecy.

With the Pope announcing this U.N. Agenda 2030, he is standing with it and giving his blessing to it.

There is more in this portion of the video:

Starting at 1:02 to 3:01
Jim Bakker Show
Posted September 24, 2015

For more information on Agenda 2030, here are two articles from WND.com:

In tomorrow's post we'll listen to some fascinating math regarding the Pope's visit to America, also in this same video.

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