Saturday, November 28, 2015

John Paul Jackson shares "The Perfect Storm Revisited: Part 2" (Video)

John Paul Jackson
Bible Prophecy Teacher
In my previous post, we watched a 15 minute video recorded December 30, 2009, by John Paul Jackson. That was Part 1 of his "The Perfect Storm Revisited." (Tweet that!)

Today we'll see Part 2 of that video. This video says it was actually recorded December 30, 2009, although it was posted to Youtube on July 23, 2015.

Again, as mentioned in my previous, this man died on February 18, 2015. It is amazing to me to think about where he is now -- with the Lord Jesus -- watching what is happening on the earth from Glory and the perspective of eternity. (Tweet that!)

I also tend to think about why the Lord may have taken him home last February. He must have completed his mission and the work the Lord had for him to do. Ironically John Paul Jackson speaks of Jeremiah prophesying for 23 years and then Daniel didn't even learn of his prophecies until after Jeremiah had died.

In this video John Paul Jackson answers a lot of the "Why?" questions he receives.

(There is an ad in the middle of the video. I do not make anything off this video, just so you know...)

Here is Part 2 of "The Perfect Storm Revisited" with John Paul Jackson. (Tweet that!)

"John Paul Jackson The Perfect Storm Revisited: Part 2"
Posted July 23, 2015
Recorded December 30, 2009
Run time: 11:57

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