Saturday, November 7, 2015

Faith-Based Organizations Forced to Go Against Their Christian Faith with Jonathan Cahn (Video)

Jonathan Cahn on The Jim Bakker Show 
"California Gov. Jerry Brown has signed a bill that orders faith-based organizations to refer women to abortionists," according to the article "California Forces Christians to Disobey Own Beliefs" dated 10/12/2015.

Jim Bakker recently talked about that with Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Cahn on The Jim Bakker Show. The video below shares a couple minutes of that conversation.

Jonathan Cahn talks about our nation racing toward apostasy, which means a "falling away" from the Christian faith. Apostasy is also an End Times prophecy in the Bible. (Tweet that!) At the same time, he says, Christians are being targeted more and more, with evil trying to force Christians to take part in abomination. (Tweet that!)

Jonathan Cahn relates what we are seeing in our day to the early church which the Roman government tried to force to take part in abomination.

Evil is trying to force us, as Christians, to bow down to it. (Tweet that!)

A quote from Jonathan Cahn in this video:

Evil...says we going to force you to do our will... We are not going to be content until Christians are forced to blaspheme their God... And every Christian is going to be tested in this time. This is another sign... 
We've never seen this before. It is not business as usual. We've never seen this before.

"They Will Call Evil Good & Good Evil"
Jonathan Cahn on The Jim Bakker Show
Posted Oct. 29, 2015
Run time: 2:28

Woe to those who call evil good
    and good evil,
who put darkness for light
    and light for darkness,
who put bitter for sweet
    and sweet for bitter.  (Isaiah 5:20, NIV)

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  1. It would be such a great honor to die for the cause of Christ. This life on earth is merely the training and the proving ground for the real life that is to come. The time is short and we must stand firm in our faith. Be encouraged, stay close to our victor and champion, Christ Jesus. The Spirit will give you the words to speak when the time comes. Do not fear what man can do to you. Fear God. Yet, that fear is cast out in the overwhelming glory of His great LOVE. God is with you. If you are in Christ He is in you. You shall be an overcomer of the world if you remain steadfast.