Saturday, November 21, 2015

Discovering John Paul Jackson and His View Of Bible Prophecy Coming in "The Perfect Storm" (Video)

John Paul Jackson
In my previous post I included a video which talked about John Paul Jackson, a man I only recently discovered. He was a Bible teacher who taught about what God was telling him was soon to take place on the earth. (Tweet that!) He taught about dreams and visions -- topics which can be hard for the rest of us to discern whether or not the dreamer or, uh, vision-er is spot on with God. (Tweet that!) Nevertheless, what I've heard so far is interesting and so I'd like to share more from this man. Please practice your own discernment as you see what you think.

Today I'd like to share another video from The Jim Bakker Show.  Interestingly this one is from last February and it was posted on YouTube two days after John Paul Jackson died.

John Paul Jackson died February 18, 2015, from medical complications following cancer, according to this article on

Yet thanks to the technologies we enjoy today, his teachings, and the understandings God gave him in his own words, from his own mouth (!), are still available to discover for those of us who did not know him while he lived on the earth. (Tweet that!)

Please enjoy this introduction to John Paul Jackson.

"The Perfect Storm"
John Paul Jackson on The Jim Bakker Show
Posted February 20, 2015
Run time: 6:20

Please come back for the next post when I'll share more directly from John Paul Jackson and his teachings on "The Perfect Storm."

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