Tuesday, November 24, 2015

John Paul Jackson shares "The Perfect Storm Revisited: Part 1" (Video)

John Paul Jackson
In my previous two posts we've been getting to know John Paul Jackson and his teachings on how our world today is heading toward a "Perfect Storm" that will bring about the Biblically prophesied events known as the End Times, also known as the Tribulation period. (Tweet that!)

In the previous two videos (see "Related Articles" below for link to's), we were introduced to him and to his "Perfect Storm" teachings. In today's video we will hear from John Paul Jackson himself as he revisits his teaching in this Part 1 of "The Perfect Storm Revisited."  (Tweet that!)

This video says it was actually recorded December 30, 2009, although it was posted to Youtube on July 19,2015. You might find it interesting, as I did, to hear what was happening in the United States and the world at the end of 2009 and view that with hindsight as well as comparing it to where we are now and what's happening now. (Tweet that!)

Of particular interest to me is at about 6:30 into the video where he talks about the then-recent Christmas Day attempted downing of a passenger plane ("recent" being back in 2009) by a terrorist, since a Russian passenger plane was recently bombed on October 31, 2015, and the terrorist group ISIS has claimed responsibility.

"John Paul Jackson The Perfect Storm Revisited: Part 1"
Posted July 19, 2015
Recorded December 30, 2009
Run time: 15:28

We'll be taking Thursday off for Thanksgiving here in America.

Please come back on Saturday for the next post and Part 2 of John Paul Jackson's "The Perfect Storm Revisited."

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