Thursday, October 9, 2014

After the Lunar Eclipse: Jonathan Cahn talks about the Blood Moons - Part 1 (Video Post)

Rabbi and Author, Jonathan Cahn
Photo from Jonathan Cahn (Official Site) on Facebook
Did you see the "Blood Moon," meaning the total lunar eclipse, early yesterday morning?

Many of us gathered together in at the Facebook Event* I created to watch it unfold. That was a lot of fun. We had viewers from Atlanta, Georgia, the Los Angeles, California area, Alaska, Florida, Jamaica, and elsewhere.

Some views got a good view of the beautiful copper-colored eclipsed moon. Others couldn't seen anything due to cloud cover and/or rain in their area.

I got about half and half. We started off well and got to see most of the first half of the eclipse. At my house we got up at 3:00 am and could see it well. We also watched with binoculars, and through a telescope. But about the time it got to the maximum eclipse, the moon got so dark we couldn't see it anymore. We only caught glimpses of it after that. We saw it once more when it just started coming out of eclipse, and then it was gone behind clouds and then the horizon.

Our local news station later that morning confirmed clouds had rolled in and covered the moon, so no one in our area could see it after that.

We were amazed at how much moonlight there was before the eclipse began. Definitely didn't need a nightlight in the house. (Tweet that!)

I was out of town all day on Tuesday and was driving home late in the afternoon. Before dark, I turned onto the highway and was caught by surprise. There was the full moon, right in front of me! It was big and bright white. Knowing I was getting up early the next morning to see the eclipse, that was an awesome and unexpected treat.

In several recent posts I've taught a lot about these lunar eclipses. I thought you might enjoy hearing some other people talk about them and their significance. (Tweet that!) Here is a short video of Rabbi Jonathan Cahn as a guest on the Jim Bakker Show just after the first Blood Moon last April 15, 2014. (Tweet that!) Jonathan Cahn is the author of the popular book The Harbinger and, most recently, The Mystery of the Shemitah. We really must talk about the Shemitah soon, but not today. (It's extremely important. Please look it up if you can't wait for us to get to it.)

I hope you enjoy this part one of this interview. We'll view part two in the next post.

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn on Blood Moons, Part 1
Jim Bakker Show 
posted April 17, 2014 

*Please join these Facebook Events for coming Eclipses. Please share them with your contacts so they can join too. (Tweet that!)

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