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After the Lunar Eclipse: Jonathan Cahn talks about the Blood Moons - Part 2 (Video Post)

Rabbi and Author, Jonathan Cahn
Photo from Jonathan Cahn (Official Site) on Facebook
In the previous post we watched part 1 of an interview with Rabbi and author Jonathan Cahn as he talks about the current tetrad cycle of four lunar eclipses we're living within. Today let's watch part 2 of this interview.

As you watch, please pay special attention to what he says is the reason God's judgement is coming to the United States of America. (Tweet that!) That's what these "Blood Moons" and other solar eclipses are signaling: God, in His amazing and beautiful mercy, is sending warnings that something big is about to happen in the earth. It is His judgement that is coming. (Tweet that!)

There are a lot of reasons for God to judge America. But there is one that seems to be the "last straw" that has pushed us over the tipping point. (Tweet that!) Here's a hint: The most recent lunar eclipse -- Blood Moon #2 of four -- was early Wednesday morning. Meanwhile, what virtually no one saw coming was this very topic making headlines earlier that week on Monday. (Tweet that!) Please note this video was recorded last spring on April 18, 2014 (just after the first Blood Moon on April 15, 2014).

I'll see you on the other side of the video and we'll discuss it.

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn on Blood Moons, Part 2
Jim Bakker Show 
posted April 18, 2014 

Did you hear what he said? "For the first time a majority of Americans came out to end the Biblical definition of marriage, including the President. ...And then the Supreme Court..."
Jonathan Cahn's most
recent book (which we all
need to read!) (Tweet that!)

On Monday morning, approximately 36 hours before Blood Moon #2, the United States Supreme Court announced its decision to not hear cases against same-sex marriage brought by several states and consequently, by not allowing any opposition to same-sex marriage in any state, in effect opened the doors in every state for same-sex marriage regardless of what each states wants to do. (Tweet that!)

You may not think this is a big deal, but it's a big deal. Especially to God. The allowing and embracing of same-sex marriage is not the only thing God will judge America for; it is simply the most recent. (Tweet that!) But it is one of the final bridges that would be crossed before God finally says, "Enough."

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