Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Mark Biltz teaches "An Introduction to the Blood Moons" (Video Post)

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Yesterday was Columbus Day. In recent years protests over Americans observing this day has escalated. I find this extremely interesting now that I know about the tetrads of Blood Moons and the information about Columbus sailing to the New World in light of what was happening to the Jewish people in Spain at the time he sailed. In fact, the Nina, the Pinta, and Santa Marie were filled with Jewish people who were being expelled from Spain by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. (Tweet that!) Not only that, Columbus' trip was financed by the Jews! Not only that, did you know Columbus was Jewish himself?! (Tweet that!) You can hear more about that in today's video.

As I've mentioned before, I've learned most of what I know about the Feasts of the LORD and the "Blood Moons" from the teachings of Mark Biltz.

I first heard of him on Southwest Radio Church back in 2008 when he was teaching on the Feasts of the LORD. I had heard of the Feasts decades earlier and wanted to know about more. I had also heard that these Feasts are prophetic of, and fulfilled by, Jesus. As a self-proclaimed prophecy geek, I definitely wanted to know more about that. (Tweet that!) I had searched for more information but could not find it. (This was way before the days of the internet!)

But I kept my ear to the ground waiting and watching for information on these things that interested me. This is why, when I heard Mark Biltz that day on the radio, I was so interested. I immediately bought his DVD set and began studying. Obviously I was not the only Christian for whom God had whispered to our hearts that He wanted us to study this information. This is why Mark Biltz has become so popular as a teacher, speaker, and author. There is a hunger among many Christians for information on how the Old Testament informs the New. This hunger is God-designed and instigated, and the excitement of "newly revealed" (Tweet that!) information is catching on and bringing that same excitement to many other Christians...and nonChristians too.

It's not really "new." And it's not really "just revealed." This information has been there ever since the Old Testament was given and written, starting in the days of Moses. But now we are understanding what it all means, what has been waiting for us all along! (Tweet that!)

So here is the first of several video interviews with Pastor Mark Biltz about the four Blood Moons. (Tweet that!) This interview was posted March 14, 2014, which was before the first Blood Moon of April 15, 2014.

Pastor Mark Biltz "Blood Moons - An Introduction"
Jim Bakker Show 
posted March 14, 2014 

Please visit again on Thursday for the next part of the interview with Bible teacher and Pastor Mark Biltz.

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