Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Just After Midnight, View the Lunar Eclipse

The day has finally arrived. I hope you're planning on getting up really early tomorrow morning -- or staying up really late this evening -- to view this fascinating lunar eclipse.

To be clear, the eclipse takes place in the early morning hours of Wednesday, October 8th.

You're right. This total lunar eclipse won't look any different than any other. But this one is especially fascinating because we are living and watching history. (Tweet that!) I know many people are skeptical that this series of four lunar eclipses means anything different than any other lunar eclipse in history, but I believe they are.

Something spectacular is happening, and we are the generation to be the eyewitnesses. (Tweet that!)

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If you don't know when or where to view the eclipse in your neck of the woods, find out here:

And don't forget to join the fun we're having over on Facebook at the Event for the "Lunar Eclipse Watch Party! - 2nd of the 4 Blood Moons." Please click "Going" on that Event page. And then click "Invite" and invite your friends and family. It's not too late if you act now. (Tweet that!)

Finally, invite your friends and neighbors to join you early tomorrow morning as you view the eclipse. Download this free trifold brochure handout and you'll have some information to help them understand why this total lunar eclipse is so important. (Tweet that!)

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