Thursday, October 23, 2014

Jonathan Cahn Teaches about the Shemitah (Video Post)

Rabbi and author Jonathan Cahn
In the previous post we went over a basic introduction to the Shemitah, what it is, events in America on the past two Shemitahs.

Below you will find a video with Jonathan Cahn that will teach you much more about the Shemitah. (Tweet that!)

In this video Rabbi and author Jonathan Cahn talks with Pat Robertson of about the financial and economic future of the United States and that what affects America affects the world. (Tweet that!)

You will see how five major financial collapses in the past in the United States have been connected to the Shemitah. (Tweet that!)

Don't miss the warning about how, on the Shemitah in 2001 only a week after the Attacks on American of September 11, 2001, the bell that opens the New York Stock Exchange refused to ring. What did it mean? (Tweet that!)

It's exciting! It's fascinating. It's ominous. It's coming.

Learn more now in this video:

Rabbi and author Jonathan Cahn ""
The 700 Club / with Pat Roberson 
posted September 10, 2014 

Jonathan Cahn's most
recent book.
I recommend it.

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