Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas Advent Day 7: Trivia! Who Gave the Prophecy of the Star of Bethlehem? (Video Post)

You've heard there was a prophecy given centuries before Jesus was born that there would be a special star in the sky that pointed to Messiah. (Tweet that!)

You may even know where in the Bible that prophecy is found. (Ask that in a Tweet!)

Christmas trivia question: Who was it who spoke that prophecy? (Tweet that!)

The answer may surprise you! I'll share the answer in today's video.

Bible verses I share in this video are:

"Who Gave the Prophecy of the Star of Bethlehem?" 
Christmas story vlog 
with Dianne E. Butts - 7 of 12

Here's more context for that one little verse: Numbers 24.

Here's the story about the talking donkey! Numbers 22.

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Please come back next Tuesday for the next Christmas Advent video. We're going to talk more about the Star of Bethlehem and what it actually was. Please invite a friend. And please share this blog with your social media networks. Thank you! See you then.

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