Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Advent Videos: 12 Days of Christmas Bible Prophecies Fulfilled! (Videos)

Thank you for joining me this Christmas Season in these twelve video posts that explored the Bible's Christmas story. We looked more deeply into areas of the story that we don't normal hear about or think about.

We also looked into several prophecies that were fulfilled in the birth of Jesus.

If you missed any of this series, are just discovering us, or wish to share what you've learned with your friends or family, here are links to the entire series. (Tweet that!)

We're taking the rest of the Christmas season, through New Year's Day, off. In the New Year we'll pick up with explore more about Bible prophecy and what we're seeing take place in our world today.

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I"ll see you next year when we explore more Bible prophecies and compare them to what we're seeing take place in our world today.

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