Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas Advent Day 8: What Was That Unusual Star of Bethlehem? (Video Post)

Hanukkah begins today, and I wish all those who celebrate it a very happy Hanukkah!

What exactly was the Star of Bethlehem?

There's some interesting research about that, and it's dependent on the answer to this question: When did Herod the Great die? (Tweet that!)

I talk about that in today's video.

Here are some more tidbits from today's video. Did you know...?

  • The planet Jupiter is named after the greatest god of Roman mythology. (Tweet that!)
  • Jupiter is known as the King Planet. (Tweet that!)
  • The star Regulus takes its name from the word we get our word "regal" from. 
  • The Babylonians call Regulus Sharu, which means "king." (Tweet that!)

"What Was That Unusual Star of Bethlehem?" 
Christmas Story vlog 
with Dianne E. Butts - 8 of 12

So when the King planet met the King star, it made an unusual star in the sky that led the wise men to Jesus, and Jesus was born! (Tweet that!)

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