Thursday, January 29, 2015

Solar Eclipse (Black Sun) on the Coming Shemitah - Amazing Worldwide Event #3 Linked to Bible Prophecy

Interestingly, a partial solar eclipse (which some call a Black Sun) will occur on the same date as the coming Shemitah: September 13, 2015. (Tweet that!)

Only a small portion of the earth will be able to see it: way in the south, including South Africa, Antarctica, and locations in the Indian and Atlantic Oceans.

Why might this solar eclipse on the Shemitah be important? (Tweet that!)

We learned in a previous post that Bible and Jewish scholars say the sun is God’s messenger to the Gentiles while the moon is His sign to the Jews. (Tweet that!)

That was in my post on January 10, 2015, titled 2015 Amazing Worldwide Event #1 - The Coming Solar Eclipse in MarchWe were talking about a different solar eclipse in that post, that is, the next solar eclipse we're anticipating on March 20, 2015. But in that discussion I noted:

Biblical scholars say that the "signs in the moon" are messages to the Jewish people."Signs in the sun" are messages to the Gentiles. 

In other words, a solar eclipse is His warning to wake up the Gentiles and a lunar eclipse is His warning to the Jewish people.

So what might it mean for a partial solar eclipse to take place on the same day as the Shemitah? (Tweet that!) Is God sending a warning to Gentiles? To gentiles all over the world? To America? (Tweet that!)

Especially considering what we discussed in the previous post about what has taken place here in America on the previous two Shemitahs. (Tweet that!)

You can see a world map showing where the solar eclipse on the Shemitah coming September 13th will be visible and learn more about it here: (Tweet that!)

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