Tuesday, January 27, 2015

What Might Happen on the Coming Shemitah? - Amazing Worldwide Event #3 Linked to Bible Prophecy

In the January 15th post, 2015 Amazing Worldwide Event #3 Linked to Bible Prophecy: The Coming Shemitah in September, we talked about the next Shemitah coming later this year. This week, let's learn more about this once-in-7 years event coming this September. (Tweet that!)

Here's an important principle given in the Bible:

When people observe what God says and honor Him, they are blessed. (Tweet that!) When people do not honor what God has said, He often reminds us by allowing consequences to fall upon us. (Tweet that!) The United States has been greatly blessed by God since her beginning until recent years when in many ways the United States (and much of the world) has turned away from God. For several years now this has been a matter of great concern for many Christians in the United States.

Many Bible scholars are looking at the coming Shemitah on September 13, 2015, as a time when God might allow further consequences to fall upon America. (Tweet that!) Why are we looking to this event as a date when America might experiences God's judgment? The answer is because of what has happened on the previous two Shemitahs.

Take a look at what happened on the past two Shemitas: (Tweet that!)

  • September 17, 2001 (or Elul 29 in 2001): Six days after the attacks by Islamic terrorists on September 11, 2001, the stock market dropped 700 points or 7% in one day, the greatest loss in its history up to that date.
  • September 29, 2008 (or Elul 29 in 2008): The stock market dropped 7% or 777.7 points, wiping out everything it had gained in the previous seven years. This loss then became the new largest one-day drop in its history.
So the question for us now is what, if anything, might happen on this coming Shemitah?

Another seven years has almost passed. Has the United States turned back to honoring and obeying God? Or has it moved farther away from the One True God, the God of Jews and Christians? (Tweet that!)

The best I've been able to determine at this time is that Elul 29 begins at sundown on September 13, 2015. (Tweet that!)  [Correction: Elul 29 begins at sundown on Saturday September 12, 2015, and runs to sundown on Sunday September 13, 2015.]

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