Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Where to See the 3rd Lunar Eclipse in April - Amazing Worldwide Event #2 Linked to Bible Prophecy

In the January 13th post, we talked about 2015's Amazing Worldwide Event #2 Linked to Bible Prophecy: The Coming Third Lunar Eclipse in April. We will take a closer look at this event in three posts this week.

This lunar eclipse will take place on the Jewish feast of Passover, which makes it very significant spiritually and prophetically in light of Bible prophecy. (Tweet that!)

As this eclipse approaches and you make your plans to watch it, be sure to remember that the Jewish day is counted from sundown to sundown, which means the eclipse will be in the early morning hours of the April 4 (not the evening of April 4). (Tweet that!)

This eclipse will not be visible everywhere in the world. I call it a “worldwide event” because it is important, prophetically, to the whole world regardless of whether or not you can see it from where you are the morning of April 4, 2015. (Tweet that!) This eclipse will be visible in much of Asia, Australia, much of North America and South America, and the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Arctic, and Antarctica.

You can learn more about this third total lunar eclipse of this tetrad (series of four) on the following site. (Tweet that!)You can also learn what you will be able to see and at what time by entering your location on this site:

Come back on Thursday for more interesting information about this third lunar eclipse in April linked to Bible prophecy.

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